Thermocouple And RTD With Ceramic Protection Tube

Thermocouple And RTD With Ceramic Protection Tube

These thermocouples are typically used in high temperature processes in furnaces in the ceramic industry, glassmaking, and foundry and in places where the use of metallic protections due to high temperatures is not allowed, chemical attacks or sometimes at lower temperatures where the media or the environment atmosphere is harmful to metallic tubes. Thermocouples in this categories depend on type, can use for measuring temperature rang e  -40-+1600 ͦC  and for RTDs this range is -40-+600ͦC.

Technical Data
Connection Head Type
Head Connection Material
Cast Aluminum
Ceramic Terminal Block

Sensor Type

Thermocouple Type K,J,T,N,L,S,R,B  

RTD Pt100, Pt500,Pt1000

Metal Holding Tube Material
S.S 304/S.S316/S.S316L/S.S310/Inconel600/Titanum/
Protection Tube Material
C799 / C610 / C530 / SiC
Inside Protection Tube Material
C799 / C610 / C530

Process Connection



Welded Threaded Socket

Protection Tube Diameter
8-25 mm
Assembly Type

Bare wire and ceramic Insulator

Mineral insulated cable

Ceramic C799/ Ceramic C610/ C530 / Mineral insulated (for MI cable inside)
Sensor Number

Single, Double or Triple for thermocouples

Single or Double for RTDs

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