About Us

About Us

Arisan Industrial Group with more than 20 years experience in industrial heating systems, in year 2012 officially started by name BEHIN TEJARAT ARISAN.

Arisan Co. is supplier and manufacturer of industrial heaters and heating control system equipment including various types of industrial heating elements and temperature sensors according to world standards. This company is proud to cooperate with many huge industries in Iran including steel, automobile, petrochemical and … and by supplying heating and instrumentation equipment for huge industries in Iran, has tried in order to promote Iran`s industries take even a step.

Arisan means

Competitive Price

Offering competitive prices as are first hand manufacturer and supplier

High Quality

High quality products according to world standards as we supply our material from the best companies in world

After Sales Service

Supporting the customers when selling the products and responsible to all objectives about products after sell

Get in touch

Our experts are ready to answer your questions

  • info@arisanco.com
  • 88922041-3
  • North 3rd Floor, Building No.292, Taleghani Ave. Tehran, Iran
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