Quartz Heater

Infrared Quartz Heater

A versatile and popular radiant emitter, infrared quartz heating elements provide an instant heat response wherever it’s needed, across a variety of industrial applications.

Normally favored and used where rapid heater response and/or zone-controlled heating is required, quartz elements heat up in seconds – far less time than ceramic heaters. This makes them particularly efficient and effective in plastic thermoforming, curing, and heater systems with long heater-off cycles. Operating up to 750°C (1380°F), infrared quartz radiant heater produces wavelengths in the 1.5 – 8-micron spectrums, slightly shorter than ceramic elements. With a standard voltage of 230V, standard wattages range between 150W and 1000W. Our full range of medium to long-wave, infrared quartz elements – including full, half, quarter, and square elements, together with pillared quartz elements and quartz square tube elements – are CE approved. Custom quartz heating elements are also an option for our customers. In the past, Arisan has worked closely in developing heater geometry required for specific applications.

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