SRM Self Regulating Heating Cable



SRM Self-Regulating Heating Cable

FINE SRM Series shows an excellent capability to maintain the temperature of pipes and plumbs in both chemical plant a fodder plant, working on PTC (Positive Temperature Co-efficient) principle.

PTC is characterized by the power output of heating cable adjusted to compensate for variations in ambient temperature. It produces more heat if the temperature drops and less heat if the temperature rises.

Utilizing the PTC characteristic, SRM Series regulates its own output depending on the exposure temperature, thereby, reducing the risk of fire due to overheating.

The heat generator and insulating jacket of SRM Series are treated by irradiation crosslinking reaction, providing an excellent stability even under elevated temperature.
Also SRM Series is configured for use in hazardous as well as nonhazardous locations because the heating cable is braided with tinned copper wires which can be connected into the ground.

Product construction

1. Copper bus wire (15AWG)
2. Self-regulating conductive core
3. Inner adhesive jacket.
4. Modified polyolefin jacket
5. Tinned copper braid
6. Modified polyolefin outer jacket(-CR)
Fluoropolymer outer jacket(-CT)


Product characteristics and design information

Nominal power output

30,40,50 W/M

at 10℃

Max. maintenance temperature


Max. intermittent exposure temperature


T-rating : T5

Service voltage


100 - 130 Vac

Service voltage


200 - 254 Vac


Power output graph

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