Recrystallized Silicon Carbide

Recrystalized Silicon Carbide Protection Tube

RSiC material is made of high-purity silicon carbide powder and Si powder, formed by slip casting, reacted and
 sintered by vacuum furnace. This kiln furniture hase high temperature strength and low mass.



  • very high hardness,
  • corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures,
  • high resistance to wear,
  • high strength, even at high temperatures,
  • resistance to oxidation even at very high temperatures,
  • good thermal shock resistance,
  • low thermal expansion,
  • very high thermal conductivity,
  • good tribological properties and
  • semiconductivity
  •  operating in temperature of 1650°C (oxidizing) and approximately 2000°C
    (under protective atmosphere).



  • Bending Strength 90 – 100 MPa
  • Maximum Working Temperature < 1650°C
  • Density 2.60-2.74 G/cm3
  • Porosity – Compression 15 %
  • Thermal Conductivity (RT 1000°C) < 24 W.m.k-1
  • Thermal-Expansion Coefficient (20-1000°C) 4.8 x 10-6k-1
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