PTC Heater

PTC Heater

PTC (Positive temperature Coefficient) thermistor ceramics are a class of semiconductor functional ceramics with a positive temperature coefficient. Before the transition of temperature (TC) of the PTC, The resistance decreases with increasing temperature; between the transition of temperature and the thermal runaway temperature, the resistance increase significantly with increasing temperature, which is the PTC effect. PTC effect can be used to manufacture PTC thermal ceramics for different purposes according to different temperature coefficients. PTC components have the advantage of high reliability, Convenient use, Safety, and power saving. This is widely used in many fields such as household appliances, power facilities, electronic equipment, and the automotive industry. The application of PTC components can be divided in to three categories according to their own characteristics, namely the application of resistance-temperature characteristics, the application of current-time characteristics, and the application of voltage-current characteristics (Volt-ampere characteristics)

In light industry, Residential, transportation, aerospace, agriculture, medical, environmental protection, mining and civilian equipment, we offer PTC heaters. These heaters has also high advantages over heating components such as nickel, Chrome, infrared.

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