Infrared Ceramic Heater

Infrared Ceramic Heater

Arisan Infrared Ceramic Heaters operate in the 2.5µm to 6µm range and you can order them in all industry standard sizes. Electromagnetic waves help infrared radiant energy to be transferred through space. It does not require the use of a conductive media; in other words, energy is directly carried from the heater to the product without the need for contact or a medium such as air. The efficient life span of these heaters is above 10.000 hours and they are suitable for below industries:

  • Thermoforming                                                                 
  • Paint and Powder Industries
  • Curing and Drying
  • Hose and Tubing
  • Printing
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Composites

The commonly used sizes of infrared ceramic heaters are based on below:

  1. Infrared Ceramic Heater 60*60 (ICH-300) (These heaters are available in 200W)
  2. Infrared Ceramic Heater 60*120 (ICH-200) (These heaters are available in 200-300w)
  3. Infrared Ceramic Heater 60*240 (ICH-100) (These heaters are available in 200-450-650-1000w)
  4. Infrared Ceramic Heater with thermocouple (T-ICH) (These heaters are available in all sizes with thermocouple)

In addition to all the above sizes, Arisan Co. supplies infrared heating elements with 380v, in all sizes. 

(With or without thermocouples)

Our experts are all available to guide you to size the project and offer you the correct installation based on your requirement.


The reflector is so helpful to conduct all radiation to the product.

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