GRX Self Regulating Heating Cable

SRM Self-Regulating Heating Cable

FINE GRX Series is a heating cable effective for de-icing on roofs, in gutters, and in downspouts. GRX Series is designed to withstand a harsh circumstance exposing for long term period to sun light containing high energy.

GRX Series consists of a continuous core of conductive polymer extruded between two copper bus wires.
GRX Series regulates its own heat output depending on ambient temperature, as electrical current flows through the core.

The self-regulating function of GRX Series is due to PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) property, by which the electrical consumption of GRX Series is reduced in the application.

Unlike ordinary metal resistance wire which produces heat output corresponding to its length, the core of GRX Series is composed of the infinite parallel connection of carbon particles. The parallel circuitry allows the cable to be cut to the exact length required, with no wasted cable.


Product construction

1.Copper bus wire (15AWG)
2. Self-regulating conductive core
3. Inner adhesive jacket
4. Modified polyolefin jacket
5. Tinned-copper braid
6. Modified polyolefin outer jacket (-CR)
Fluorpolymer outer jacket (-CT)


Product characteristics and design information

Nominal power output

40 W/M

in iced water

Max. maintenance temperature


Min. installation temperature


Service voltage


100 - 130 Vac

Service voltage


200 - 254 Vac


Power output graph

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