Bobbin Heater

Bobbin Heater

Highlights of Ceramic Bobbin Heater

  • Bobbin heaters are extensively used for heating air or liquids.
  • Ceramic bobbin heater consists of several refractory ceramic blocks and 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire, which are connected at terminal block at one end.
  • These ceramic blocks can be assembled together to the required length.
  • The special construction allows easy installation and handling.


  • High temperature resistance and mechanical strength
  • Various diameter options
  • Custom length according to the heating load
  • Fast heating and larger temperature ramp rate


  • Hot water tank
  • Electric boiler
  • Hot oil tank
  • Air heating
  • Hot air dryer

Technical Data

  • Operating temperature: 100C ~700 C
  • Watt density: 50W/in2 ~ 120W /in2
  • Standard voltage: 110, 120, 220, 230, 240, 380 V or custom
  • Wattage tolerance: -2% ~ +2%
  • Resistance: Ni-Cr 80/20
  • Insulation material: Ceramic / Steatite
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